Ford Focus Offers Versatility

Ford's economy model cars have a reputation equivalent to that of the Chevy makes and models in the same price range. The Focus is not the Escort of the 90s or the Chevette, a car which should wisely be forgotten. This small Ford hatchback gets excellent fuel mileage, and despite its small looks, can exceed highway speeds. It may seem like a three-cylinder vehicle, but it runs on all four.

Its small size gives the car a quick acceleration, and the anti-lock brakes let it stop quickly and safely. No one needs to worry that it might skid when it is not expected, although there may be times when the anti-lock brakes engage when they should not. This is the case for all cars with an anti-lock braking system. Reading about the Ford Focus features can help a person make the decision, but why not take the car for a test drive?



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