Ford Transit Passenger Wagon: Commercial Van With Smart Technology

Optimized to accommodate a sophisticated driver and up to 14 passengers, the Ford Transit Passenger Wagon is known for its urban versatility. Listed for lease or sale by M & M Ford Lincoln, this van in Liberty, NY is available with several wheelbases, including the long LE edition.

This premium Ford van is equipped with the patented AutoLamp technology, which analyzes the visibility of the road in real-time. Rainfall usually triggers this function to turn on the front headlamps. Rain-sensing windshield wipers also work in tandem with the AutoLamp system. These advanced wipers respond to the wetness of the windshield in real-time. Therefore, the intermittent settings are automatically adjusted when the windshield is fully covered in rain or snow. Having an extended length, running boards are some other installations that help the driver and passenger deal with inclement weather. These boards provide easy access to the side doors on the passenger's side.

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