The All-New Ford Taurus With Powerful Technology Features

In an effort to make certain we educate before just selling vehicles off the lot, today the crew at M & M Ford wanted to showcase a few of the technology features in the new Ford Taurus that have resulted in this being this years' popular full-size sedan.

In order to make certain that you are staying in your lane, the new Ford Taurus is equipped with a Lane-Keeping System that monitors the position of the vehicle while driving. If the vehicle drifts over either lane line, the steering wheel starts vibrating to alert the driver they need to take action quickly.

When driving the Ford Taurus on a busy highway, you'll feel safer when the Blind Spot Information System is activated. Scanning behind your vehicle, if any other car gets in one of your blind spots, your side mirrors begin flashing to grab your attention and keep you from changing lanes prematurely.



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