Ford Fusion: Smooth and Responsive

The Ford Fusion is one of America’s top midsize sedans because it has performance features that provide better control and that are adaptive to the road conditions. If you find yourself driving on less than perfect road conditions, or in high crosswinds, you will appreciate the features that the Fusion has to offer. The Fusion makes the road ahead enjoyable in any condition.

Ford achieves this high-performance stability and control using a combination of systems. First, it has an advanced suspension system is responsive. It uses independent McPherson struts and an additional stabilizer bar for smoothness. It also features a responsive intelligent all-wheel drive system. Between these two systems, you will experience any road condition as nothing but a smooth ride, even the potholes.

If you want to experience an advanced automobile that automatically makes the road smoother, then stop by our Liberty, NY Ford dealership today and drive one.

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