What to do if You Notice Signs of a Faulty Transmission

The transmission in your vehicle makes it possible for your car to change gears while running. It's a component that doesn't usually require much maintenance, although fluid levels should be checked periodically to make sure it isn't leaking. Generally speaking, the transmission tends to last up to 100,000 miles or more.

If you have trouble changing your gears, or you have delayed engagement, this usually indicates transmission problems. Delayed engagement is when you put your car into gear, and then your car goes into gear a second or two later. This can be very noticeable, or be a slight hesitation.

When you find pink or reddish transmission fluid in your driveway, get the problem checked out. A small leak may be no big deal, but when you ignore a leak, you are risking bigger problems with your transmission. Our Ford service center at M & M Ford is ready to complete the repair on your vehicle.

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