Ford Mustang Handling and Performance Guide

Ford Mustang has started a new trend with American muscle cars. Ranked number two in the sports car market in America, the Mustang 2018 is one of the top cars to come out of Ford in a long time. With all new suspension, fine-tuned engines, and lots of special features, it’s no wonder that drivers are calling the new Mustang a dream to drive. You can see the all new Mustang’s performance in the base model all the way up to the Shelby GT 350R, which puts out over 526 horsepower.

The horsepower alone isn’t enough to sway most drivers, so Ford went a little bit further and created a drag race mode. There are actually five selectable driving modes with the Mustang. You can change from rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and front-wheel drive configurations. However, the drag race mode is truly one of the new ways that Ford is trying to connect to their base.

Want to test drive the new Mustang? You can do so by going to M & M Ford to get more information.



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